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Exclusive services

On N01zet platform, users who own NFT Googly Eeyezz will be able to buy, sell and trade NFT as Member Token, to be collected with N01zet AZL Token.

These tokens will allow 
a privileged access to some services of the n01zet platform

The new NFT owner can then 
trade or hold the NFT on the marketplace

The value of the NFT can fluctuate according to the rarity, the number of views, the notoriety of the creator.


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In order to promote the use of the native token, all the users who buy Googly Eyezz NFT on N01ZET will benefit from reduced transaction fees on all the marketplace services of the n01zet platform

All users who purchase Googly Eyezz NFTs will receive a special discount on Leadsstudio services based on the rarity of their NFT. Stay tuned, more details will be announced on the N01ZET DAO Discord server and on the Twitter account.

For holders of AZL NFTs, they will receive interest in AZL ICO Tokens. The amount of interest (APY) is relative to the value of the NFT, the calculation will be expressed as a percentage.

If you holdup a Googly Eyezzz you will receive a daily interest. It will be necessary to do the stacking steps that will be communicated to you once the mint is closed to benefit from it.

 Token holders will be given different rights depending on the number of tokens they hold. Holders of more tokens will have more power to participate in the governance of the n01zet platform. The more tokens they hold, the more valuable their rights become.

For specific services (raid2earn and rewards related to the engagement in the project)

For n01zet services & products but also leadstudi.

All Googly EyezzZ holdeurs will have access to the private part of the N01ZET DAO Discord server where they will be able to benefit from a multitude of services on a daily basis (daily nfts & crypto news, quick flip and long term nfts investments, alpha calls, raffle, wl giveaways and many other things...)

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